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     付書院 (abréviation)

    Nagatomi 永富 house (Hyougo)

       Nagatomi 永富 house (Hyougo)

       Source : http://www.aisf.or.jp/~jaanus/deta/s/shoin.htm


       Autre document en ligne : http://www.rondely.com/japan/tur/data/glossary_det.htm#pic1

       "Shoin," literally meaning "a study or writing room," where monks had a calm and humble life worshipping buddhas, offering incense, chanting and reading Buddhist scriptures.

        The key features of the style include a Toko-no-ma or decorative alcove, a Chigai-dana or stair-step shelf, a Tsuke-shoin or attached writing table, and a Chodai-gamae or decorative doors. Defined as "decorative" elements in architectural terminology today, these units used to serve in a specific way. Monks would hang a buddha image on the alcove wall and place offerings such as flowers, incense and light on its raised floor; keep scriptures on the shelf; do reading and writing on the attached table. Chodai-gamae once was the doors to a sleeping chamber."

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